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When you were young, what dreams did you have about your future? Patty's were like most girls her age--marry Prince Charming, have a baby, own a dream home, and live happily ever after. When she got older, Patty's dream turned into a nightmare that she kept secret for over twenty years. 

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Author and Editor Patty Lauterjung shares the five essential steps to create a solid structure for any piece of writing. This book will give you the tips, tools, and strategies on how to:
· Develop your vision
· Discover the topic you focus on
· Identify the readers who need and will buy your book
· Find that sacred space to create your masterpiece, and
· Set goals and a schedule that works for you to write.
At the end of each key step is a Strategic Action to apply what you’ve learned and move you forward. She also includes a few tips she has learned over the years and resources to help you on your writing journey. The information, advice, and stories are engaging, entertaining, and helpful. After all, why read a book on how to write a book if you can’t enjoy it and learn something?

"Freedom From the Mask of Secrecy"

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Patty's story is about thirty years of abuse, why she stayed in the relationship, the dramatic and humiliating event that changed everything, how she escaped shame and imprisonment, and God's divine plan for her life of freedom, fulfillment, and purpose. You will be moved by Patty's experience, but most importantly feel encouraged and learn how to help yourself or others finally have a well-deserved better life. The answers you may have wanted for years are found within the pages of this valuable book. "As an author and editor, I'm blessed to share my healing journey with you."  

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