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Patty Lauterjung is a Creative Solutions Strategist as a copy editor, writing coach, author, and speaker. She has over twenty-five years of experience capturing the voice of others and turning their written words into bestselling books, dynamic websites, engaging marketing material, college application essays, and online training programs. Her passion, priority, and purpose are to bring out the best in every client. Patty has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and is the owner of   PL Creative Editing LLC in Charlotte, NC.


Although most people find editing boring, Patty says, “I have one of the best jobs in the world! My clients are fascinating, creative, and unique individuals. I bring my depth of knowledge, a broad range of editing experience, and commitment to exceed my clients’ expectations to help them reach their audience in meaningful, engaging, and influential ways.”


"I am committed to creating excellence one book at a time!"


Roger Crawford,
Hall of Fame Speaker and Athlete 

It is my pleasure to enthusiastically recommend Patty Lauterjung for her extraordinary editing and writing skills. I have worked with Patty on numerous projects, and she has consistently exceeded my expectations. In fact, when I send her text, I have this request, “Patty, work your magic on what I’ve written.” She has done that for me, and she can do that for you.


Joan T. Randall
Victorious You Press
Publishing Company


Patty brought her wealth of knowledge as a developmental editor to Victorious You Press, and we have been blessed as a result. Her level of dedication is bar none, and her approach to every manuscript is the same--excellence. Her core values align entirely with our company, making her an asset. Patty’s compassion, empathy, sincerity, and love for her craft make her go above and beyond for each author. Her passion shines through in every project she handles because she takes the time--not only to read and edit an author’s work--but listens to the voice that she finds in their words and brings their stories to life in a way that allows their message to shine! Working with Patty has been nothing short of amazing.


Patricia Fripp,  
Past President National Speakers Association,Executive Speech Coach

If you need to have total confidence that your proposals, articles, and books represent you well, it would be a good idea to talk to Patricia Lauterjung. Her advice, suggestions, vision, and attention to detail are world-class. Patricia also lives her life in a way to be of service. When we first met decades ago, she volunteered to help me. She made herself indispensable and a valued resource. When I created my interactive, online learning program, Patricia invested weeks proofing it and finding tiny mistakes to be fixed or improved. Let me add, she has the patience of a saint.

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